Fees are currently approximately $45 per day for the 3 day group and $61 for the 3 year olds in our 2 day group and $41 for 4 year olds in our 2 day group (subject to change). Fees are payable by term at the commencement of each term.

The preschool does not offer the CCB - i.e. we are a "registered" care provider as opposed to an "approved" care provider. A means tested economic subsidy is available for low income (health care card holding) families, dependent upon available Community Services funding.

Commonwealth Childcare Assistance is not available through this centre*.
Applications for financial hardship assistance through the preschool may be made to the Director.

Schedule of Fees @ 2017






$1248/term (approx. $61 per day)

$833/term (approx. $41 per day)

$1393/term (approx. $45 per day)




Waiting list (non-refundable, non-transferable)

Fees in Advance (upon enrolment) (non-transferable, non-refundable, fee deducted from Term 4 fee)

Membership fee (non-refundable, non-transferable)

2 Day programme for 3 year olds (Mon/Tue or Thur/Fri)

2 Day programme for 4 year olds (Mon/Tue or Thur/Fri)

3 Day programme (Mon/Tu/Wed or Wed/Thur/Fri)

Equipment levy

Yard Maintenance levy

Visiting Artists/Excursion levy


The Board of Management reserves the right to vary fees at any time.

* Gordon Community Preschool is a registered care provider with the Family Assistance office - claims for rebates made directly through the Family Assistance Office.

* Please note - the daily rate is approximate as fees are calculated across a year - some terms are 11 weeks, while others are 10 weeks.

*Fee notices will be placed in your family "communication pocket" located on the wall outside your child's classroom.