How to enrol your child

The earliest point of entry into the programme is for children who have had their 3rd birthday before and inclusive of the 31st of January in the year of attendance - ie. children who turn 3 after this date will only be considered in the event that there are available spaces (February or March birthdays only. Parents must pay for the whole term and the child starts after their 3rd birthday). 

An application form is available through the preschool office or download one here. Please call the office on 9498 4114 between 9am - 3pm to have it posted to you. We are happy to answer any of your questions or show you around the preschool, just contact the centre for an appointment.

Please return your application form along with the waitlist fee and a copy of your child's birth certificate or passport.

Please note: The preschool does not carry change, so if the waitlist fee is paid in cash, we would appreciate exact payment.

For more information about the preschool, you can view or download our Information Brochure and Parent Handbook.

Enrolment policy


Priority 1 - all children currently attending the preschool have a place for the following year.

Priority 2 - a limited number of priority places for children with additional needs within the capacity of the resources of the preschool, according to date of application.

Priority 3 - children who have had a sibling attend the preschool, according to date of application. NB in order to receive priority you must put your child’s name on the waiting list before his/her first birthday, otherwise your child’s name will be placed on the list according to date of application only.

Priority 4 - all other eligible children according to date of application.

Gordon Community Preschool aims to welcome families from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds and to honour and respect diversity.